Performance as Archive

Nico Dockx
Sarah Hendrickx
Saori Kuno
Ria Pacquée
Isa Tez
Stefan Wouters


SC / 128 pages / 24 x 17 cm

Published by: Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp - Artesis University College
Language: EN
Authors: Thomas Crombez, Nico Dockx, Harry Gamboa, Sarah Hendrickx, Saori Kuno, Ria Pacquée, Isa Tez, Stefan Wouters
Design: Nele Ooms & Nico Dockx
Print: Guido Maes Printingdeluxe, Gent
ISBN: 978-94-9052-121-9
Price: 15.00 EUR

How to archive an artwork that is not a product, but an event? How to keep it alive? How to be archeologists of the future?

This publication is the archive of the event, introduced by the University Centre Saint-Ignatius Antwerp, to invite two outstanding performance artists to our master students and to the Belgian art audience. We met Harry Gamboa, a Los Angeles-based Chicano artist, and Ria Pacqué, a Belgian body and performance artist, for a short, but highly paced week of lectures, seminars, explorations and actions. The results, or rather, the crystallization of that week you may find in the pages of this Track Report. This is track Report 13/04.