Daniel Buren. Ilya Kabakov. Artur Barrio. Guillaume Bijl. Honoré d'O. Adrian Ghenie


HC / 120 pages / 23 x 17 cm

Published by: Contemporary Art Heritage Flanders
Language: EN
Authors: Artur Barrio, Katrien Blanchaert, Daniel Buren, Anne De Buck, Jan Debbaut, Hooré d'O, Adrian Ghenie, Boris Groys, Frederika uys, Ily Kabakov, Maria Schnyder, Ludwig Seyfarth, Philippe Van Cauteren, Kathleen Wijnen, Emiko Yoshioka
Design: Jurgen Maelfeyt
Print: Stevens Print
ISBN: 978-90-8166-659-6
Price: 14.95 EUR

The acquisition by S.M.A.K. (The Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst, Gent) of the six artworks presented in this publication implies more than the conservation of material objects. Sometimes completely absent, the status of these objects is ambiguous, articulated somewhere in between established art categories such as painting, sculpture and installation, and often challenged by the importance of site-specific, process-based, discursive and ephemeral aspects. The decision to collect these works involves a serious and often ongoing dialogue with the artists about the integrity and essence of the artworks, thus reconsidering established institutional practices and developing new methods and approaches. 

This publication can be ordered together in a box with the publications 'Conversation Piece', 'Issues for Outdoor Sculptures' and 'Ensembles'. See the MER. Paper Kunsthalle for more details.