Zien, doen, denken – Jacques Rancière en de kunstpraktijk

Marc De Blieck
Volkmar Mühleis


SC / 160 pages / 23,5 x 14 cm

Published by: AraMER
Language: NL
Authors: Marc De Blieck, Volkmar Mühleis
Design: Joris Kritis & Julie Peeters
Print: Mart.Spruijt
ISBN: 978 94 9069 377 0
Price: 29.50 EUR

This publication contains reflections on Jacques Rancière’s essay "The Ignorant Master" by the artist Marc De Blieck and the art philosopher Volkmar Mühleis. The artist’s practice is assuming an expanding variety of forms, the artist can leap from one method to another, and the media available to him, old and new, appear inexhaustible. Can and should art education prepare the artist for this? One possibility is to bring a never-ending abundance of experts into the art schools. Rancière offers us a provocative alternative in the form of Jacotot, the ignorant master. In part, the book indirectly endorses present-day art education, but at the same time a number of the controversial arguments it contains challenge one to self-reflection.

keywords: philosophy, photography