En passant. de kunstenaar als reiziger, de reis als kunstwerk

Liesbet Bussche


SC / 132 pages / 24,5 x 17 cm

Published by: Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp - Artesis University College
Language: NL
Author: Liesbet Bussche
Design: Rob van Leijsen
Print: Die Keure, Brugge
ISBN: 978-94-9052-130-1
Price: 15.00 EUR

‘En passant: de kunstenaar als reiziger, de reis als kunstwerk’ [En passant: the artist as traveler, the travel as artwork] contains conversations with four artists that use traveling as a methodology in their praxis: the Belgian artists Christoph Fink and Ria Pacquée and the Dutch artists Ted Noten and Joost Conijn. All these artists share traveling as their primary artwork but the artistic outcomes of their journey and their perspectives on this topic are remarkably diverse. Besides walking, which is most frequently used by artists and therefore the most researched method in the discourse of this subject, these four artists are also biking, driving, flying and dreaming. Author Liesbet Bussche talks with them about the diversity of the landscape they traverse, the difference between traveling alone or in company and how they share the experience of their travel with the public. 

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