Silent Circle

Nico Dockx
Caroline Kolkman
Alix Manon
Lukas Verdijk
Maika Garnica


SC / 76 pages / 24,5 x 17 cm

Published by: Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp - Artesis University College
Language: EN
Authors: Nico Dockx, Alix Manon, Caroline Kolkman, Lukas Verdijk, Maika Garnica
Design: Jean-Michel Meyers & Nico Dockx
Print: GuidoMaes.Printingdeluxe
ISBN: 978-94-9052-129-5
Price: 10.00 EUR

A curious circle. A circle of seventeen young artists, alumni students from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerpen. A circle of complementary energies and new ideas. A circle of sitting together and listening to one another. A circle of inspiring thoughts and shared conversations. A circle of whispering sounds carried by the breath from one person to the other, also known as Chinese Whispers.
This book was presented with the eponymous film at Cinema Zuid on December 16 2015. 

This is Track Report 15/03