The Dissidents' Travel Guide

Tudor Bratu


SC / 204 pages / 24.5 x 17.5 cm

Language: EN
Author: Tudor Bratu with contributions by Shuyu Chen and Ai Wei Wei
Design: Pedro Moraes
Print: Lecturius Eindhoven
ISBN: 978-94-6228-345-9
Price: 80.00 EUR

The artists’ publication The Dissidents’ Travel Guide is comprised out of photography, essay’s, transcripts of documentary video’s, and drawings. The material has been gathered, found, made, or commissioned, during travels through Romania (2010-2012) and China (2011).

The publication proposes ethics and morality as applied, active, and necessary tools, through which a common social good could be strived for and possibly achieved. The essays included in the publication are grounded in the field of Virtue Ethics and are especially allied to the writings of Scottish philosopher Alasdair Macintyre. The publication further proposes language as a fundamentally democratic system, available as means through which to challenge the ethical validity of social actions. Throughout the publication, specific events - such as the Holocaust, or the Romanian Gulag system - are used to exemplify the (mal-)functioning of ethics and morality as active ingredients of social history and contemporaneity.

keywords: philosophy, virtue ethics, Alasdair Macintyre, Slavoj Zizek, Romania, China, documentary photography, linguistics, Peter Winch, morality as action, accountability, Hannah Arendt, Communism, gulags, contemporary art